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Valuable Guidance

"This summer my husband and I faced the daunting task of moving his parents from Eagle River to Green Bay because of failing health. We had no idea how to even start taking over their finances, finding a reputable facility and establishing new primary physicians to provide for their various health issues. A friend suggested I contact Stacie. At our initial meeting Stacie asked us many questions and listened to our concerns. She was able to connect us with a lawyer and financial planner. She also narrowed down some assisted living and nursing home facilities that would meet our needs. She toured the facilities with us and asked pertinent questions. Stacie was always available whenever we needed her; whether it was to provide advice, to explain medical procedures, or to reach out to contacts on our behalf. Stacie’s compassionate nature and wealth of knowledge as a senior advocate helped us navigate our parent’s transition to assisted living and nursing home care. I don’t know what I would have done without her valuable guidance."  -Daughter-in-law

Great Peace of Mind

"Stacie has been and continues to be invaluable to our changing family’s needs as one of our parents is now in memory care and the other is at home recovering from major surgery. Her depth of knowledge of the medical world and healthcare issues, the ability to see the whole picture, take multiple family members perspectives into account and her superior communication skills has helped us in making the best medical and other daily decisions for our parents. These transitions have been extra challenging for us as only our parents live in Green Bay with no other family in town. Knowing Stacie is there meeting with our parents and communicating with us constantly has given my siblings and I great peace of mind. We are very thankful that Stacie is part of our team in caring for our aging parents."  --Daughter

Compassion and Respect

"I have known Stacie for more than 3 years in her professional capacity as the Executive Director of the senior living community where my parents live. When she made the transition to open her own business, that move for her coincided perfectly with my mom facing new challenges with her own disease process. I live across the country from my parents, and I am an only child. The pain of not being able to be there for them, and of needing to take planes, trains and automobiles to get home when they are in crisis is very hard. Bringing Stacie into our family as part of our team has made a HUGE difference for us. She has attended doctor appointments, facilitated conversations between my parents, helped to clarify their priorities and reduce their stress, and she joins them for lunch and then lets me know what she is seeing. It’s an open conversation between us as a family—my folks know that I am counting on Stacie to give an unvarnished view of what they are going through…and to cue me to take action when needed. I feel like I have a sister in my hometown helping me to make sure my parents get what they need. And the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Stacie can get to the hospital if needed in half an hour (a journey that will take me a full day), is priceless. Her background as a nurse, and as a senior living executive, make her a perfect choice for the role she is taking on as an asset to my family’s team. What she does for each family might be very different, but her background and expertise, alongside her compassion and respect for her elders, make her GREAT at what she does."  --Daughter

Key to my Successful Outcome

"Through a referral, I contacted Nurse Advocate for Seniors several months ago looking for assistance in finding a suitable senior care facility for my mother. I got a response quickly and had a scheduled consultation meeting that same week. It was evident during my meeting with Stacie, Nurse Advocate, that her extensive, professional background in the senior medical field was key to my successful outcome. I was provided a list of options that would meet my mother’s needs. That list was very detailed to include facility amenities, financial information, location, daily activities and waiting list information. Stacie also assisted in scheduling appointments at selected sites and accompanied me during those meetings. Thank you Stacie for the prompt, excellent service you provided in finding the right fit for my mother’s needs."  



"I have known Stacie for four years. We met when she was the Executive Director of New Perspective, Howard, a senior community. She was an outstanding Executive Director. Her ability to understand and work with the residents was exceptional. My wife and I were residents there for the three years prior to Stacie deciding to embark on a new career as being a nurse advocate for seniors. We are now clients. My wife has a progressive neurological disease which daily causes increasing disability. Stacie works with both of us. She attends medical appointments to ensure effective communication between the physician and us. She stays in contact with us to keep track of any emerging issues.

She's both a compassionate and an effective communicator. Her personal and professional presence in our lives contributes greatly to our well-being. We highly recommend Stacie to any individuals or families who will benefit from her expertise and caring." --Client(s)

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